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If Homer (Simpson) taught philosophy

“If one finds a box of doughnuts in a hallway, is she forced to eat them, doughnuts being unmistakenly delicious? ... Doughnuts are not an absolute good. You choose whether or not to eat another’s doughnuts; the act, therefore, cannot be justified.”—Philosophy professor Anton Ford in a lecture on Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics.

Quote from the April 17 Reader article “Observations on the Feeling of the Beautiful and Sublime Doughnut,” by Hannah Gold, AB’13.


Ibidem: Pierce Hall, 1959

“Think of your life and all your past experiences as an enormous 5,000-piece jigsaw puzzle scattered about your house. You haven’t lost the pieces. They are all still there, but they need to be located and reconnected, so you can see the whole picture.”—Marilu Henner, X’74

The University of Chicago Magazine has been published continuously since 1907; here are the features from the July–Aug/13 issue:

Selling the friendly skies
American stewardesses and the making of an iconic advertising campaign.

Perennial ties
Scenes from a verdant and varied Alumni Weekend. 

Legal precedent
Jewel C. Stradford Lafontant, JD’46, was a lawyer and public servant who broke many barriers.

Free for all
Spring quarter, like any other, offered an encyclopedia of public talks on campus, illuminating topics art historical, zoological, and everything in between. At 11 of these talks, the Magazine staff were there.