Fall Winter 07

The Core




Geeking Out

Success was in the cards for Chez Geek, a send-up of the lives of College students living off campus.

Inspiration sometimes comes from unexpected places. Just ask Jon Darbro, AB’97, creator of the award-winning card game Chez Geek. Darbro and two roommates were sipping Shiraz in their 53rd and Woodlawn apartment when it struck them that their communal life could make for a fun card game.

Going West

Goin' West

Newly installed Wallace Stegner Fellow Stephanie Soileau, AB’98, aims to put post-Katrina Louisiana on the literary map.

Not so long ago, Stephanie Soileau, AB’98, was beginning to wonder if she should give up on a career in writing.

Soileau, whose path led her from Cajun roots in southern Louisiana to the University of Chicago, and later to the prestigious Iowa Creative Writer’s Workshop, was teaching classes at multiple colleges in Chicago and trying to write a novel in the crannies of her spare time. It was a losing battle.

Editor's Note

As Odyssey Scholarships take root, a summer preparatory program will blossom alongside them.

Vox Populi

A campus tour with her daughters reminds an alumna why she chose the College.

Go Ask Alumni

We asked alumni to give their answers in the form of a question.

Beyond The Quads

Head of the Class

Chicago UTEP students hit the classroom.

Eye on the Quads

Science Beyond Boundaries

Science at the crossroads.

Supporting students as they are

A new dean of students settles in.

Summer Stock

University Theater reaches out.Eye on the Quads