Fall Winter 08

The Core



Justin Palmer

Full Circle

Pro bono makes partner

The career path of Allegra Rich, AB’92, led her away from the law to nonprofit management—and then back to a new role at her original firm.

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Photo Finish

Photo Finish

An era ends at the Art Institute

After 36 years spent building the Art Institute’s photography collection, David Travis, AB’71, turns to new projects and passions.

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Editor's Note

Memories have their own campus map.

Vox Populi

An alumnus brings Chicago-style learning to his high-school classroom.

Go Ask Alumni

Location, location, location.

Beyond The Quads

Ugandan Diaries

Blogging Uganda.

Eye on the Quads

Secret History

Writing the College's history

It's A Small World

Tiny physics.

Remembering One of the Greats

Filling big shoes.

Eye on the Quads