Spring Summer 07

The Core



Big Shoulders, Helping Hand

Big Shoulders, Helping Hand

Bridget Wild's efforts to bring the Special Olympics to the Midway last autumn were just one highlight in for years of service to the city of Chicago.

C'est Si Bon Bon

C'est Si Bon Bon

Through creative marketing and serendipity, Charlene Dupray traded her business suits for a wacky hatand the title "Charlene the Bon Bon Queen."

Editor's Note

At the heart of the University is a College like none other.

Vox Populi

A student examines her changing feelings toward the homeless.

Go Ask Alumni

We asked alumni to give their answers in the form of a question.

Beyond The Quads

Oxford and Upward

The College goes to Oxford.

Eye on the Quads

Ocean's Informants

Oceanic fossils shed light on climate change.

Transcripts: Leaping from the 18th Century to the 21st

Transcripts go high-tech.

Secret History

Athletics associations age gracefully.Eye on the Quads