Spring Summer 08

The Core



Justin Palmer

From Maroon to Marine

An alumnus serves.

Justin Palmer, AB’04, supported the United States–led invasion of Iraq in 2003 from its beginning. As a columnist for the Chicago Maroon, he was vocal about this support, but he was dissatisfied with merely being a pundit on the sidelines.

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Going West

Diamond Anniversary

A nostalgic Japanese homecoming.

Back in October of 1910, the Chicago Daily Tribune reported the arrival of the University of Chicago baseball team in Japan to play Waseda University: “...twelve husky and hearty looking American lads…arrived on the N.Y.K. liner Kamakura Maru after a pleasant voyage of sixteen days” (“Maroons Received with College Yell,” Chicago Daily Tribune, Oct. 28, 1910, p. 11). The visit kicked off a series of games that continued through 1936.

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Editor's Note

More than ever, the arts are in the spotlight at the College. But what makes an artist a Chicago artist?.

Vox Populi

A bracing winter ritual strengthens the ties that bind Dodd-Mead residents together.

Go Ask Alumni

We asked alumni who would get their personal Quantrell Award and why.

Beyond The Quads

Project Help

Students help families access services to stay healthy.

Fair Trade

A welcome Austrian invasion.

Dinosaur Discoverer

Dinosaurs debut.

Eye on the Quads

Irrefutable Fun

Bullish on debate.

Broadened Horizons

Chicago to Oxford via Bolivia.

The Searchers

Scav Hunt on-screen.Eye on the Quads