Seen & Heard

Doubles team Kendra Higgins, ’12, and Chrissy Hu, AB’11, hit the ball back.

RSO Spotlight: WHPK

At UChicago’s radio station, the golden age of vinyl is today.

Loose Canon

Two comic strips by Maggie Fritz-Morkin, AM’04.

The University of Chicago Magazine has been published continuously since 1907; here’s the latest bimonthly issue:

Illustrated ideology
The art of Soviet-era children's literature shifted from experimental and avant-garde to a realistic, government-mandated style under Stalin.

Course of treatment
Monica Vela, MD'93, who has faced health-care disparities as both physician and patient, teaches students about the issues that afflict underserved communities, inspiring many to reach out.

57th variety
With Caffe Florian closed, the Magazine provides a guide to current dining on 57th Street.

Glimpses: Esther Conwell, PhD’48
At a time when science was a man’s field, physicist and chemist Conwell conducted research that won her a 2010 National Medal of Science.

Hard hitting
Meet the UChicago doubles team who won back-to-back NCAA titles.