RSO Spotlight: Ryerson Astronomical Society

During the transit of Venus, the RAS parties like it's 2117.

The Book Thief

Otto Funk, AB 1885, stole books, built bombs, and would not say why.

Loose Canon

"The Ducklings of Botany Pond," by Tom Tian, AB'10.


The University of Chicago Magazine has been published continuously since 1907; here’s the latest bimonthly issue:

Chicken fat
The Comics: Philosophy and Practice conference drew 17 cartoonists and hundreds of observers, in person and online, for three days in May of intense discussion of the field.

Economy of words
Austan Goolsbee has left behind his DC battle armor, but he can still mail in a good barb or two.

Shelf life
As the Seminary Co-op moves from its underground origins into the light of day, the bookstore’s denizens bid the beloved space farewell.

Brain work
Muriel D. Lezak, PhB’47, AM’49, has spent her career trying to help humanize the young field of neuropsychology.