Winter 2010


Seen & heard


David Piña, a second-year fundamentals major from Miami, Florida, is a member of the Shire of Grey Gargoyles, the campus chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism. The Core spoke with him at this year’s Registered Student Organization Fair, where RSO representatives try to recruit new members.

How did you get involved with this group?

I walked out of the Sunday showing of Forgetting Sarah Marshall my first week at school. And I looked to my left in Ida Noyes, and there were a bunch of people doing what my friends and I had always done since we were little kids: beating each other with sticks. In full armor! I realized that this club was exactly what I’d always wanted in the world. 

So what is it?

We recreate medieval societies in general with everything from cooking and archery to fighting, dancing, calligraphy, and costuming, of course.

How does this relate to your studies?

They’re both tied to books. I really like my fantasy novels, and this activity is fulfilling every fantasy novel I’ve ever read.

How often does the club get together?

I fight every Sunday, and we have events going on in the middle kingdom all the time. The middle kingdom is kind of the northern Midwest.

Explain your outfit.

Last year the group didn’t market themselves very well. So this year I’m putting on my armor, and I’m keeping it on all day.

Who do you hope will be drawn to this club?

Someone with imagination.