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Maroons summarize years of work in one sentence.

Compiled by Carrie Golus, AB’91, AB’93

The blog lol my thesis, where anonymous undergrads summarize years of their academic work in a sentence or two, has received more than 8,000 submissions since it was launched six months ago by a Harvard senior. Here’s a sampling of UChicago contributions to the march of human knowledge:

“You’re fooling yourself, theater is a lie, and you are lonely.”—Theater and Performance Studies

“The amount of time that humans devote to altering the physical state of butter proves that the medium is more than just a spread, and is in fact a physical manifestation of excessive human pride in their own creations.”—Art History

“‘Pluralism’ means a lot of different things. Go figure.”—Religion

“I get to read The Lord of the Rings and graphic novels and call it background research.”—English

“Maybe we know what is possible and necessary. Maybe not. What was the question again? Oh good, it went away.”—Philosophy

“I made this because it’s pretty, but I’m going to pretend I made it for more complex reasons.”—Visual Arts

“Some trilobites look different from other trilobites because reasons.”—Paleobiology/Geology

“If the author says in an interview that the book doesn’t actually have a meaning, don’t tell your advisor.”—English

“I use language to talk about how a guy used language to describe a failure of language in order to critique the inadequacy of language and, ultimately, how he failed in using language to describe a failure of language in order to critique the inadequacy of language.”—English

The Young and the Restless, set in the South Pacific.”—Anthropology


It took one UChicago student years of research to learn the ultimate truth.