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Ibidem: Jean Louis Vigier, mayor of Paris, is welcomed to the University of Chicago by senior Carol Saposnik, 1958

“Do go out of your way to make French friends. It might be difficult, but it’s worth it.”—Student tip from the Autumn 2014 program handbook for European Civilization in English at the Center in Paris

The University of Chicago Magazine has been published continuously since 1907; here are the features from the Jan–Feb/15 issue:

UChicagoMag cover

Into the breach
A law professor offers an inside look at his experience on a presidential panel reviewing how the government protects national security and preserves civil liberties.

Onward and upward
With a string of headline gifts since its public launch, the UChicago Campaign is gathering momentum.

A political education
At the University in the 1960s, Bernie Sanders, AB’64, set out on a path that led to the Senate, and an unlikely place at the center.

Rolling the dice
Chicago Booth clinical professor of entrepreneurship Waverly Deutsch brings theatrical and gaming influences to her teaching.

Heal thyself
The president of the American College of Cardiology advocates a plant-based diet as part of shifting heart disease treatment from “event” to “prevent” focused.