A Good Innings

Batting and bowling with the cricket club.

Composition of Forces

Alumni Vicki and Thomas Flippin make waves in their fields.

In Deep Water

Why is this class being taught by robots?

Loose Canon

“Don't you write a book about this, George Orwell!”

The University of Chicago Magazine has been published continuously since 1907; here’s the latest bimonthly issue:

True grit
In a heated showdown with Western cattlemen, Idaho environmentalist Jon Marvel, AB’72, tries to outlaw livestock grazing on public lands.

Eye robot
Chicago geophysical scientist Patrick McGuire, AB’89, develops artificial-intelligence technology to turn astronauts into “cyborg astrobiologists.”

A nurse’s shift
Former academic Theresa Brown, AB’87, PhD’94, finds personal fulfillment—and a different set of intellectual problems—amid health-care shortfalls and patients who face matters of life and death.

A novel approach
Presumed dead by the Alumni Association, Alan M. Charlens, SB’58, PhD’63 shares some life benchmarks, told through four writers’ lenses.

Are you ready for some broomball?
In early February students from Crown and Alper houses converged on the ice rink for a match-up in intramural broomball, a favorite of College students since the rink’s 2002 construction.