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Spies, Hittites, Talk Like Barack

Course description excerpts from Fall 2009 Splash

The philosophy of the student organization Splash—a rather radical one, in these test-driven times—is that high-school education should actually be fun. Splash is also the name of the group’s annual series of high-school enrichment classes, organized and taught entirely by College undergrads. Here is a sampling of courses taught at the Fall 2009 session.


I Could Tell You What This Class Was About, but Then I Would Have to Kill You: The Secret World of Spies

This class will delve in to the history of spying—why we spy, who spies, and most fantastically, how we spy—stories of ingenious inventions and daring escapes from enemy territory abound.

Oracle Reading the Hittite Way

In this class, we’ll learn about various Hittite divination practices, with a special emphasis on liver oracles. Come cut up livers with us to tell your future!

Ethical Systems and Moral Quandaries

A murderer comes to your door and asks if his target, your best friend, is inside. (He is.) Is it okay to lie and say no? Why then does Immanuel Kant want you to tell the truth?

World War II—The Nazi Invasion of France

Before Hitler’s invasion, France had the best army in Europe, all of Hitler’s generals thought the invasion would fail, and Britain considered making a separate peace with Nazi Germany after France fell. Take this class to learn more!

How to Dry Up a River

Using all the best techniques from the Soviet Union and People’s Republic of China, this class will be a splendid introduction to bad hydro(il)logical engineering and the problems it can create.

Talk like Barack!

We will be reviewing some of Barack Obama’s notable speeches via YouTube, discussing them, learning how to craft our own similar speeches, and practicing delivering them!

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