Copies of the Core

From the editor


Carrie Golus, AB’91, AM’93

Last summer, I asked University of Chicago Magazine interns Emily Wang, ’14, and Colin Bradley, ’14, what they thought of the Core. They were tactful and insightful and said several unexpected things, such as: Were they supposed to be reading it? Was the Core just for alumni, or was it for students too?

Hm, I thought. In the next issue I must make that plain. But executive editor Mary Ruth Yoe wondered why. One of the pleasures of her youth, she said, was reading magazines that weren’t intended for her: it lent a semi-illicit frisson to the experience of reading Saturday Review or Life.

But truthfully, the Core is not written just for alumni. No matter who you are, if you care about the College of the University of Chicago even a little bit, please read it. It’s for you.

And if I ruined the childlike experience of reading something you shouldn’t by flashlight under the covers, I apologize.


Thank you

Laura Demanski, AM’94, the Core’s former editor, now edits the University of Chicago Magazine. Laura is quite simply one of the most talented editors I’ve ever known. Working with her has improved my writing immeasurably. And now readers can enjoy her work six times a year instead of two.


Covers of past issues of the Core. (Photography by Joy Olivia Miller)