Library pins

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Library pins

Regenstein reference librarian Julie Piacentine designed six library pins. The response has been unexpectedly enthusiastic.

Carrie Golus, AB’91, AM’93

Piacentine designed one limited-edition pin for each of the University’s branch libraries, distributing them at orientation events. The librarians usually put out a mix of pins in a basket. “Students will sift through to find their favorite campus library,” says Piacentine. “Or they’ll take the time to collect all six, even if they’re not familiar with the smaller branch libraries.” Graduate students—too cool for previous library trifles, such as temporary tattoos—pick up the buttons, as do parents.

Expecting that Regenstein and Mansueto pins would be more popular, the library produced 1,500 each, compared to 500 each for SSA and Eckhart. But the rarer pins are “now highly coveted.”

As for style tips, Piacentine advises, “I think they look great on a coat lapel. It’s a great winter accessory—really, any season. They also fit in with the classic backpack button collection.”



Library pins add a modern edge to the “young fogey” look. (Photography by Tom Tian, AB’10)