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Bizarre Bazaar

Excerpts from a few of the more remarkable listings on UChi Marketplace, the University’s version of Craigslist:

Hookah $50
It has three hoses. I just don’t smoke it that much anymore.

Wanted: summer job—like tutoring, science, labwork, kids, fencing, pets......
I would be interested in working in a lab (psychology or science) or in any sort of U of C campus job. I can tutor Latin, Attic Greek, and grade school/high school math and English. I also can babysit and have taken many Red Cross courses, including CPR. I’ve taught knitting, fencing, baking, Latin, and math.

Free spider plants
I have several little baby spider plants I pulled off the main plant and have stuck into water. They’ve grown little roots and are all ready to be planted.

Pet Sitting
My mother is a basic science researcher, so I have spent more time with rats (having seizures, no less—poor things) than the majority of people do in a lifetime. I love most animals, but my favorites are cats, tiny dogs, bunnies, and turtles. I am also one of the few girls I know who genuinely likes snakes.

N.B.: I loathe and fear insects/spiders, so I am most definitely not willing to pet sit your pet tarantula or millipede. Worms (annelids) are fine, as are ladybugs and caterpillars/butterflies. If Venus flytraps count as pets rather than plants, I’m fine with them, too.

PHYS 130s Study Guides:
Unused/Like New $55 Like New: Used only once (i.e. one day—er, the day before the final, but yeah).

For more Marketplace listings, see the occasional UChiBOLGo series UChiBizarre-ketplace

Dean John Boyer