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One of the sights most familiar to denizens of the quads is Dean John W. Boyer riding his bike. The more observant may have noticed that the deanly velocipede is a shade shinier this spring. Late last fall, Boyer retired his 12-year-old model, replacing it with a new, green-and-black 26-inch Schwinn. The Core caught up with him and asked a few questions about his life on wheels.

Are there any weather conditions you won’t ride your bike in?
Packed ice. But if you ride behind CTA buses, it’s OK. Wherever CTA buses can go, bicycles can go.

How long does it take to get to work?
From my front door to my desk, about four minutes. Five if it’s a particularly windy day.

Do you have a car?
I do. It has very few miles on it. I mainly drive it to the Toyota dealer to have it serviced.

What do you think of cyclists who ride on the sidewalk?
It’s a very bad habit. There are some occasions—street repairs and so forth—when it’s unavoidable.

Ever been in a crash?
I’ve been knocked down twice. Both times, happily, there was no damage to me. There was damage to the bike.

Why don’t you wear a helmet?
I wear it for longer trips, when I go into the city. It’s too awkward and cumbersome for the four-minute trip to campus.

What do you think about novelty bikes, such as fixed-gear bikes with no brakes?
Whoever rides such a bike, I hope they have a good orthopedist.

Dean John Boyer