Top Ten

For its 25th anniversary in May, Scav Hunt aimed to set the Guinness World Record for largest scavenger hunt. While the organizers waited for verification, head judge Grace Chapin, AB’11, chose this year’s top ten items that made campus a more interesting place.

1. Send a SexySaxagram to your favorite class. [sechs sexy sax points]

2. During class discussion, legitimately use the example of Mohandas Gandhi to support an act of violence against another human being. [10 points]

3. Affix a pair of appropriately enormous googly eyes to the campus building of your choice. [8 points]

4. Last year’s Captains were but pharaohs, but through death they have ascended to godhood as well. To that end, they require an appropriate 1BR/studio for the afterlife. It should have a sarcophagus, pets or servants, royal treasures, and maybe some snacks to tide them over in the eternity to come. That’s right: Pyramids on the Quads. To be completed by 1 p.m. on Friday. [“scarab” points]

5. And ye shall compass the Administration Building, all ye men of war, and seven priests shall bear before the ark seven trumpets of rams’ horns: and ye shall compass the Administration Building seven times, and the priests shall blow the trumpets, and all the people shall shout with a great shout, and lo! the wall of the Administration Building…at the noon hour on Thursday. [10 points]

6. A replica of a famous skyscraper built out of a refrigerator box, with a few hastily constructed cardboard office buildings that it puts to shame. Erect them in front of Rosenwald by 10 a.m. on Friday. [8 points]

Scav Hunt7. Are you there, Godzilla? It’s me, Megalon. RAAARH!!!!!!! Send one teammate dressed as his favorite monstrosity to rampage throughout the city, moments after completion of Item 6. [4 points]

8. Elevators in Cobb are always sadly lacking in muzak. I know you can’t fit a whole orchestra in there, but surely a good old-fashioned lounge singer would suffice. Since a concert is no fun without an audience, be sure your lounge act performs at a time when the hallways and elevators are well-populated. [13 Wayne Newton points]

9. Trespassers will be shot. Ward interlopers away from your team headquarters by decking its exterior with an inappropriately threatening message written in Christmas lights. [7 more angry points]

10. The University’s “giving opportunity” mailings to alumni do not sufficiently take advantage of our generation’s raging nostalgia. To remedy this, produce such a mailing in the style of Lisa Frank. [5 points]