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Ibidem: Alumni bus tour, 1968

“This teacher does not exactly lead us to something and show it to us. It is more as if he stands in front of something which he can see and we cannot, pointing at it, talking about it, while all the time we see nothing. ... Then gradually ... we start to see it.”—James Redfield, LAB’50, AB’54, PhD’61, Quantrell Award Winner 1965, 1987

The University of Chicago Magazine has been published continuously since 1907; here are the features from the July–Aug/15 issue:

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Opening inquiry
As free expression comes under challenge on some campuses, the University’s affirmation of a long-standing value may become a model for higher education.

Microbial me
Scientists are discovering how microbes not only make us sick but also keep our bodies working.

Of joy in the making
At convocation, one journey ended and another began for some 3,300 graduates. How did it feel? Their faces told the story.

Who’s the deviant here?
Sociologist Howard S. Becker, PhB’46, AM’49, PhD’51, talks about his career studying deviance.

Criminal injustice
Jonathan Rapping, AB’88, inspires attorneys who represent indigent clients to fight a system stacked against them.