Gargoyle Tweets

From the Twitter account @theUCGargoyle
Technically, I am a grotesque, but I self-identify as a gargoyle.

Don’t talk to me about your midterms. I don’t even have arms!
17 Feb

Single Taken Gargoyle
10 Mar

As spring begins, I see you emerging from bookstores with your pristine copies of “Discipline and Punish.” Ah! To be young again...
28 Mar

My strongly worded letters to the Provost calling for the creation of a Gargoyle Studies department go ignored. Yet again.
30 Mar

“Be sure to pay attention to details: many of the gargoyles ... date back to 1893.” I beg your pardon, I am not a detail!
7 Oct

I thought I might dress up as John Boyer for Halloween. Do you think he would mind?
24 Oct