Seen & Heard

Angela Wang, ’14, wants to hug you.

RSO Spotlight: Zombie Readiness Task Force

Resistance is futile, humans. The zombies
always win.

Loose Canon

“Produced by Val Lewton,” a comic strip by Ivan Brunetti, AB’89.


The University of Chicago Magazine has been published continuously since 1907; here’s the latest bimonthly issue:

Debating society
The University’s focus on the aims and methods of education has led to discussion, experiment, and innovation. Our time line notes a few milestones.

Earn as you learn
An ambitious economic field experiment studies how financial incentives for students, teachers, and parents affect academic performance.

Peer groups
Students often continue to collaborate with professors after earning their degrees. Sometimes, as in these four examples, those relationships move beyond collegial to true professional and personal friendships.

Principal reach
For the leaders of the University of Chicago Charter School, being in charge means being in the thick of change.

These walls can talk
The murals decorating the University of Chicago Charter School campuses tell stories of success.

Play ground
Retired Laboratory Schools teacher Vivian Gussin Paley, PhB'47, writes about the importance of play in early schooling.